Now on to the most important point within the holiday rental sector: TRANSPARENCY.

That word which many business people wield so freely, but rarely know what it means. Or more like they prefer not to put it into practice.

We can't contemplate a two-way partnership without establishing control and followup systems. This way, BOTH parties are informed of the results obtained, rather than that right being exclusive to ONLY one of them, who then passes on to the other party only the information that they deem necessary. This is basically a disadvantageous situation in which the property owner receives a monthly income and trusts blindly in those managing that income. And by managing we don't mean setting prices or marketing, related decision-making, but hard results. Ageeing on a percentage is of litle use if you don't know how much has come in to begin with.

As we said earlier, that cannot be called an alliance, a partnership, collaboration or cooperation, much less MANAGEMENT. A management firm must not manage numbers and information behind their client's back.

To use an analogy, let's look at the stock exchange. Any investor who goes through a stockbroker has unimpeded acces to market fluctuations, they know at any point the price of their shares or how much they have been sold for. The broker merely manages stocks, is an expert in decision-making, but at no point do they hide the figures form their client.

As a result, and because we consider the relationship to be a trade agreement between two parties with equal rights to the figures and results of their common project, we introduce you to our area devoted to TRANSPARENCY.

coffee show

As a property owner, you have a place in our organisation. Once a month , we'll invite you over for coffee and go over the results obtained by your property, accessing information on every single reservation. That's the way to do business!!!