Owning a property is clearly not the same as valuing it, and this is where the word “value” takes on importance.

We want to steer clear of sales talk and ad headers whose only goal is to convince and capture properties. Whatever happens next?

That’s right, we want to express it in capital letters because we are proud of what we do and we can explain it to you:

CERTAINTY.- Because our written commitment to responsability for your property safeguards your interests and ensures that it is kept in optimum condition.

Because we like to know what concerns you, answer your queries and, in short, to encourage communication and trust. So we’ll draw up a made-to-measure contract, so you’ll feel at ease when embarking on a project with us.

PROFESSIONALITY.- Endorsed by 15 years’ experience in dealing with all types of customer, we aim not only to fulfill your financial expectations, but also your personal ones, which in the end is what really makes the difference.

Because we have proffesionalised each and every internal process as well as those related to guests, leaving nothing to improvisation and bringing an efficient, proffesional approach to the entire organisation.

PERSONALISATION.- Just as there are no two customers alike, no two properties are alike. So from the outset we apply customised protocols and process, taking into account the individual characteristics of each property in order to find the ideal commercial approach as far as potential clientele, pricing and complementary services are concerned, to mention just a few.

Because for us you won’t be just a number, another property owner or a cell on a spreadsheet. So, although we deal with this in the next section, you have a place in our organisation because we want you to feel involved and be able to share our commitment.

TRANSPARENCY.- As we have said before, and only if you fancy it, we have a place for you:

We call it the COFFEE SHOW. Once a month we’ll ask you over for coffee while we look over your monthly figures and reservations and establish the mutual trust and respect which we feel are fundamental to what we see as a business partnership.

PROFITABILITY.- The holiday apartment sector moves numbers that by and large surpass those of long-term rentals. But we don’t make do with that.

So let’s bring up that great unknown quality, so hard to define: the PRICE. So many companies make it up as they go along, based on previous years, intuition or the competition.

In our case, and as in the case with all our processes, the PRICE has also been professionalised. Our Revenue Management System uses tools which predict pricing behaviour based on up-to-the-minute customer perception of the product, under specific circumstances. Our decisions are based on a strategy designed to optimised our resources, place a value on our properties and maximise revenue, thus increasing profitability.

We have opened the door into our world so you can get to know us a bit better.

We are at your complete disposal to answer any queries you may have, or to go over any point in finer detail.