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We are passionate what we do

That's why we care about feelings, emotions. Not only ours in what we do, but also those of our collaborators and of course our guests.

We don't believe in lasting, fruitful relationship based on self-interest, money, luck, happy coincidence or reaching targets. We nurture every single factor affecting our business - above all our relationships with collaborators - because only through respect, understanding, communication and trust can we build solid foundations upon which our projects can thrive.

What VALUE do you place on your house???

And to your hard work? your dreams? your finances? Because anything is worth the value we ascribe to it, we want to tell you about our concept of "value" and the ways in which we apply that concept to your property. We can manage your property in a SAFE, PROFESSIONAL, PERSONALISED, TRANSPARENT and above all PROFITABLE way. In capital letters! We shall elaborate...


TRANSPARENCY, don't be taken for a fool!!!

The current holiday business model is undergoing a period of legislation. The problem is when lack of knowledge or lack of trust is exploited, and you are led to believe that transparency is something intangible, invisible, a blind faith in what you are told, when that is not the case. If it is your case, open your eyes!!!

coffee show

As a property owner, you have a place in our organisation. Once a month , we'll invite you over for coffee and go over the results obtained by your property, accessing information on every single reservation - that's the way to do business!!!

Lowest price GUARANTEED !!! Lower prices than through any tour operator

If you book here, Avaibook acts as a TRUSTED THIRD PARTY, with established conditions wich both parties (Sunset Malaga and you) engage to respect

future strategy

In an ever more competitive market, at Sunset Malaga we aim to keep costs down. That's the way we have developed a strategy which offers the same guarantees as renowned tour operators, but with much more profitable holiday management.