At Sunset Malaga, we don't just let holiday apartments.

We are a fusion of several fundamental aspects of this sector. Do you know which ones? Exactly: ALL OF THEM.

-EXPERIENCE ... We have over 15 years' experience in Customer Service and Business Management in different fields of the tourism sector.

-ADDED VALUE ... We have a deep understanding of the inner workings of the market's agencies and major tour operators, as well as a direct line to them, so we can offer you a better, more complete experience which will also cost you less.

-CARING ... We understand that the unexpected can happen before you travel, and that flexibility is a must, so choose your own cancellation terms.

-RESPONSIBILITY ... Because any means of transport can suffer pre-arrival delays, you need us to be there for you. We will not let you down.

-KNOWLEDGE ... We have vast experience with all kinds of holiday accommodation, so our selection filters guarantee the highest quality for you.

-PROFESSIONALITY... We have the full report on those services in highest demand in the city, so we focus all our efforts on what realy matters.

Why book your stay through a holiday apartment specialist, when you can do it through the HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE SPECIALISTS?

Because there is nothing quite like an indelible memory, the kind you can lose yourself in at any time. Close your eyes and you're there all over again. Share it with friends over coffe. And best of all - you can actually relive it whenever you please, because we don't just want to leave a good impression. We want you to miss us. Only this way will we know that your holiday was wonderful EXPERIENCE.

Sunset Malaga sees your holidays as an experince, one which is born of your imagination and may never end

your holiday lasts a few days, but the memories live on forever